It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for some of us. Never mind, we, Grinches, will have fun too: the Yummy Awards are returning for the festive season. And we bet you’re going to love the fabulous “The Ramones” cake we’ve baked.

Each December, to celebrate Christmas the Sound Eaters’ way, we organize the Yummy Awards. This very special event is made for every rock lover out there. It’s pretty simple: we ask our followers to pick a band and a list of suggestions is made. Everyone votes and we turn the winner into a scrumptious cake. Cool, huh? This season, the Ramones were elected Xmas Kings. And for the occasion, we went big. Like really, really BIG.

Up to our next merry mischief…

We wish you a Punk Rock Chrismas

We might not always be in the mood for Xmas, but we’re always in the mood for cakes! Here are some of our favorite jolly creations :

This year, we were really glad to see a lot of you wanted to have fun and participate: the number of voters doubled this year and we’re so grateful for this!

Among the nominees, many great artists were suggested: Peter Gabriel, Oasis, The Damned, Michael Bublé, The Grateful Dead, Lemmy Killmister, Hall & Oates, The Darkness, U2, The Ramones, Sinead O’Connor, REM, Jesus and Mary Chain, Cake, The Chats, Mariah Carey, Ghost, Cosmic Psychos, The Rolling Stones, Slayer, Slade, Shade MacGowan, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Elvis, Manau, Bad Religion… And Mr Hankey.

Ahem… Anyway. The fab shops Rough Trade and Thirdman Records were also mentioned and we must admit, these two sure deserve some cake!

Finally, the votes ended and The Ramones won the cake!

Baking a Christmas cake for The Ramones

We’ve been wanting to create a Ramones cake for ages, but never imagined we would have to make it Christmas-y. The band is known for its looks and signature black and white logo, which looked nothing like Santa. It was a real challenge for us and it took us some time to crack this nut. After a crazy brainstorming session, we found the perfect idea: making a Xmas tree and decorating it with everything Ramones.

We created a delicious rum molly cake, filled with delicate apricots, juicy cranberries, and crunchy caramelized pecans. We then add some cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla to the batter. My, it smelled so good!

We assembled 8 layers of this beauty, topped it with a tasty eggnog buttercream, and decorated it with glazed honey and spice biscuits. Not to brag but this would make Santa want to wear a leather jacket and join The Ramones for a tour in Gabba Gabba Heaven.

Hey, Ho ho ho, let’s go! Merry Christmas, fellow Sound Eaters!

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