PJ Harvey just released a superb album called “I Inside The Old Year Dying”. Of course, we had to celebrate this beauty the Sound Eaters way. Time for the big reveal!

PJ Harvey is an exceptional artist, known for her beautiful emotive voice. Her introspective lyrics will shake you to the core and her ability to craft compelling stories never cease to amaze us. How could we not bake a lil something for this unique lady?

“Cheers!” they said while enjoying their freshly baked PJ Harvey-inspired macarons

Why is “I Inside The Old Year Dying” so special?

Inside The Old Year Dying allude to change, loss, and sorrow. This luminous yet eerie album is packed with stories inspired by PJ Harvey’s last book, Orlam. In this record, Polly Jean chose to use Dorset dialect and guess what? It makes the lyrics even more mysterious and fascinating.

This fabulous woman is known for pushing musical boundaries and taking risks with her sound. Throughout her career, she never stopped evolving: each album has its own voice, always very different from the previous one. It’s exactly what she did with “I Inside The Old Year Dying”, which is simply bewitching.

Baking macarons for PJ Harvey

Since we had a huge crush on PJ’s soulful new album, we had to bake something to celebrate it! We decided to create a beautiful French macarons forest, filled with a luscious hazelnuts chiffon cream, creamy praliné and… roasted hazelnuts. Yes, these beauties contain tons of hazelnuts, deal with it 😅

PJ Harvey-inspired I Inside the Old Year Dying macarons

PJ, thank you for being such an inspiration! Your work always brings us so much joy… and hazelnuts.

Feast your eyes

Here’s a few shots of our beloved PJ Harvey-inspired macarons. Enjoy!

Macaron in the wild displaying its outstanding modelling skills

Sneak Peak into our kitchen

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