Hoshi came to Bordeaux for the tour of her new album, Coeur Parapluie. We’re sharing our review in this article.

The French sensation and LGBTQIA+ advocate Hoshi owned the stage at Rocher de Palmer this Thursday. It was THE event to be seen at, and being the Sound Eaters, we dashed to discover this indie pop artist.

Who is Hoshi?

Hoshi has been making waves in the French indie pop music scene for a few years now, and we stumbled upon her way too late with the jaw-dropping tune “Et même après, je t’aimerai,” which hit us right in the feels.

We also appreciated her contribution to the soundtrack of the film One Piece: Red, where she lends her voice to the daughter of Shanks the Red, Uta. Cause, yeah, Hoshi is a big fan of Japanese culture and she chose her stage name accordingly (Hoshi means “Star” in Japan).

Born Mathilde Gerner in 1996, Hoshi is an early bloomer. She started a band in high school, then made waves by dropping killer covers online. At the age of 18, she was discovered by the casting director of the show The Voice and successfully auditioned but she called it quits when they tried to control her. She then left school and dedicated herself entirely to music, performing on the streets for years.

Why do we love Hoshi?

Now, what sets Hoshi apart? Well, apart from her killer tunes, here’s 3 things that will make you love Hoshi instantly :

  • She’s an advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights. During a significant ceremony, she kissed a girl and received thousands of death threats, which nearly led her to suicide. However, she held on and decided to channel her pain into creating more music. Her latest album is titled “Coeur Parapluie,” referencing these challenging times and also paying homage to Miyazaki’s “My Neighbor Totoro.”
  • She is grappling with a rare condition known as Ménière’s disease, causing gradual hearing loss—an especially cruel fate given her passion for music. The condition also induces dizziness and makes plane travel impossible. Consequently, she will never fulfill her dream of visiting Japan. Hoshi has expressed her experiences poignantly in songs like “Fais-moi signe,” where she incorporates sign language during her performances.
  • She has a kind, shy personality but has learned to stand up for what she believes in, and that’s truly inspiring.

So, how was the gig?

We love going to concerts because it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the artist, especially their personality. As soon as we stepped into the venue, we were greeted by the Arctic Monkeys’ album “AM.” We instantly felt at home, nodding along while singing “Are you mine.”

Then, the concert kicked off. To our great surprise, Hoshi took the mic to introduce the opening act, Ian Caufield. Not only did she share who he was, but she also emphasized how much his music meant to her, mentioning she had his songs on repeat. Talk about a heartfelt move! In two decades of concert-hopping, not even once did an artist bother to introduce their fellow warm-ups, proving this girl’s got a heart as grand as her sound.

The opening act was quite enjoyable. Ian is a French artist who delivers a slightly dark pop sound. With a raspy, youthful vibe, a rad guitar, hip-hop beats, and playful synths, this Reims native spins tales of dreamy, disenchanted romances.

Hoshi hopped on stage with the opening song from her new album “Coeur Parapluie”, “Mauvais rêve” which narrates her life as an outcast. Hearing this song was a real sucker punch for the whole audience. It was even more impactful to hear because the artist, on this occasion, was accompanied by excellent musicians: a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, and a keyboardist. The whole vibe brought some serious power to the scene.

Then Hoshi dropped some major bangers from her latest album: “Je partirai,” “Neige sur le sable,” “Puis t’as dansé avec…”. Every chance she got, Hoshi shared the inspiration behind certain songs, and the emotions she wanted to convey, and we were all for it. The crowd, a mix of grown-ups and little ones, vibed hard with her message and radiated kindness and good vibes. One fan gave Hoshi an LGBTQIA+ flag, and she rocked it like a boss, shouting, ‘It’s all about that real love, no censorship.’ A dope moment that is forever etched in our minds.

Another major highlight? When Hoshi opened up about struggling to say ‘I love you.’ One night, she poured her heart into a song, leaving it on the voicemail for her girlfriend and manager, Gia Martinelli. The two eventually made a duet inspired by that very song: “Si je crois plus en l’amour.” They belted it out together on stage that night and it was pure magic.

Another poignant moment unfolded when the band exited, leaving Hoshi alone with the keyboard player. She candidly shared her battle with Menière’s disease and her fear of losing her hearing, potentially hindering future tours. She then graced us with a moving performance of “Fais-moi signe,” a song incorporating sign language. The audience echoed the signs, bringing tears to Hoshi’s eyes.

The show went on with the musicians delivering fantastic tunes one after another, and after an exhilarating hour and a half, it was time to bid farewell. After a heartfelt acapella rendition of the enchanting “La Marinière,” amidst the crowd, Hoshi not only introduced her entire band but also acknowledged every individual on the team, even the bus driver—an act that left a lasting impression.

For those craving fresh talent, dive into the world of this fabulous girl. If you find yourself in France with the opportunity to catch Hoshi live, don’t miss it! This artist is pure gold!

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