Once upon a time, Sound Eaters heard a crazy rumor. The Hives were scheduled to play in St-Médard-en-Jalles, Audrey’s hometown. Sometimes the rock gods send you signs, you know. And, as awkward as it seemed it, turned out to be true.

It all started with a Bang

Strangely, Mia cannot clearly remember seeing The Hives in 2008 or something. Audrey definitely remembers the moment Pelle, the lead singer, started climbing everywhere (like REALLY high) and got scared he might get hurt really badly. Or die. And the festival would have had no choice but to cancel Iggy Pop who was playing next and we would have cried our hearts out.

Yes, we do have a heart.

Chris Dangerous, drummer of The Hives

Anyway, we have a tendency to black out after every great show and barely remember it, so we guess this one was fucking awesome.

So yes, once upon a time, Sound Eaters went to the Big Bang Festival in St-Médard-en-Jalles to see The Hives. And they lived happily ever after in their B&W fantasy bubble.

Who the f*** are The Hives ?

Let us get this straight in five words: Swedish. Swedish. Swedish. Black & White. Garage punk rock. They play loud, they play fast. They have been doing it for the last twenty years and still can play in small venues, Audrey’s hometown, or gigantic stadiums. Oh, they dress in black and white too. In a word: they are the ultimate cool. Judge for yourself :

You know The Hives now.

You’re welcome.

12 reasons you should go and see The Hives.

Like, right now.

  1. Because YEAH! (You’ll understand when you see them).
  2. Because it’s pure energy.
  3. Because Pelle, the lead singer, is a fucking rock god.
  4. Because Chris, the drummer, is the bomb.
  5. Because, ok let’s face it, they are all fucking rock gods with badass stage names, and you definitely don’t want to mess up with them (EDIT: and now they glow in the dark).
  6. Because you’ll lose 40 pounds in 1 hour.
  7. Because every song they play is a hit.
  8. Because they suit up really nicely (we highly recommend you to check their “Mariachi” era).
  9. Because, unlike C.Grey, they’ve got experience and know what they’re doing.
  10. Because when they tell you to shut up and sit down, you do shut up and sit down.
  11. Because they do not have roadies, they have NINJAS. Yep, you read correctly. How cool is that?
  12. Because Sweden. Do we need to tell more?

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