Are you a music enthusiast with an indie rock passion? Are you ready to ditch the monotony for a glorious 5-minute escape into pure enjoyment? That’s great, your needs align perfectly with ours!

Why was this blog created?

We believe that the music world is in desperate need of a fun, different perspective. Many blogs are curated by experts, and don’t get us wrong, what they do is great. But we, as Sound Eaters, define ourselves as music-obsessed hedonists.

With this online diary, we want to add a little zest to the mix and share our daily audiophile lives. We’re not here to dissect every note and provide you with a detailed analysis. No, no, no. We’re here to exclaim, “This song right here touched my soul, and I’m dying to share it with you!”

Girl holding Queens of The Stone Age vinyl

You feel us? Join us for the musical adventure of a lifetime!

Who are the Sound Eaters?

Audrey likes dark coffee, dark chocolate but also Ozzy, Florence, Lana, VV, and Shirley. She’s a witty, chatty, sharp-eyed gal who never forgets a face and makes everything better.

Mia likes drama, karma but also Robert, Alice, Pelle, Blondie, and Skin. She’s a fiery, funny, strong-willed gal with unbelievable stamina and a gazillion crazy ideas a day.

Our Story

Much like you, our hearts beat to the rhythm of rock music (indie, garage, punk, alternative… You name it), and we’re addicted to live gigs. We met in the waiting line of a Placebo gig in London! Our typical days involve:

  • Putting way too much time and money on gigs. 
  • Going from euphoric concert highs to weeks-long bouts of post concert depression.
  • Trying to heal our gig withdrawal with homemade cakes inspired by our favorite bands, only to dive back into the madness once more. 

One day, we went to see the Hives. They obliterated our minds and gave us the adrenaline boost to start this blog and an Instagram account dedicated to our rock music passion and fan-art cakes.

We were pretty sure only twelve people including our families would be interested. Turns out, thousands of people were. And then, The Hives, Garbage, Metallica, The Offspring, and many others gave us a resounding seal of approval, declaring, “You guys rock!”.

So we kept going. 

Welcome to our blog!