20 years ago, the British glam rock band The Darkness blew everyone’s mind with the debut album “Permission to Land”. To celebrate this stellar milestone, some intense baking had to be done.

Who hasn’t tried to top Justin Hawkins’ performance while singing “I Believe In a Thing Called Love”? We sure did and our vocal cords are still shaking… Since we’re way more talented in baking, we decided to scream our love for this album with flour and sugar. Are you ready for some over-the-top cupcakes? Let’s do this, people!

Why is Permission to Land such an iconic album?

20 years ago, an amazing explosion of glam, glitter, and unabashed rock ‘n’ roll took over the world. Its name? The Darkness! Formed in 2000, this fab British rock band rapidly gained recognition for their flamboyant style and their audacious blend of glam rock and hard rock influences. Their debut album, “Permission to Land,” released in 2003, was a real success. With Justin Hawkins as frontman, how could it not? That man is capable of out-screaming anyone!

This record completely shattered expectations with its unforgettable lead single, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” It also seamlessly blended emotional ballads and raucous anthems. Black Shuck, Stuck in A Rut, Get Your Hands Off My Woman… Each track serves powerful guitar riffs, infectious choruses, and epic vocal prowesses.

What can we say? We’re in love.

Baking a The Darkness Treat

Since the fabulous Permission To Land is celebrating its 20th anniversary, we believe it was our duty to celebrate this intergalactic gem the Sound Eaters way.

So we had a great look at the artwork and Galaxy cupcakes immediately came to our minds. We imagined scrumptious caramel treats with melting hearts made of exquisite peach purée, topped with blue vanilla buttercream, and a dash of Milky Way. Aren’t they out of this world? Of course, they are!

Happy 20th anniversary, Permission to Land!

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