Feeling blue? No worries, we got the perfect gift for you: a wild selection of songs to cheer you up.

Rock music has always been a great cure to sadness. Don’t know about you, but sometimes, putting our headphones on and listening to power tunes can make our day way better. Here’s our fave tunes to shake all the bad vibes away.

Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

Who doesn’t remember “Lonely Boy” and Derrick T. Tuggle‘s epic dance moves? Released in 2011, this tune can be found on The Black Keys’ 7th record, El Camino. The legend says a whole crew was there to shoot the video in a motel lobby. But the director noticed a peculiar extra who was dancing nearby and decided to film him instead. All it took was one take.

Dream Wife – Sports!

Dream Wife is a salying indie rock/punk rock band from Brighton. It was founded by three art students who decided to launch a fake girl-band to achieve their dream: touring in Canada. Their first album got the 18th spot in the British bilboards. So they kept going. The girls made a lot of rad tunes, inspired by Bikini Kill, David Bowie and Madonna, but Sports! is probably our favorite. Check it out.

I Only Want You – Eagles of Death Metal

Despite their raw-sounding name and the tragedy that stroke them, The Eagles of Death Metal are some of the most cheerful bands you’ll get to see live. Their songs always sound so fun, sexy and badass! We personally can’t resist “I Only Want You”, a banger that makes us wanna shake our booties since the very first notes. You can find it on EODM’s first album, Peace Love Death Metal, issued in 2004.

Feel the Love Go – Franz Ferdinand

With his jumpy bass lines, sultry crooning, sharp drumming and killer guitars, the band Franz Ferdinand always knew how to make people dance. Just look at their shows: it’s impossible to remain static (well, unless you’re dead inside). Their last album, Always Ascending (who deserved cake), was released in 2018. It mixes rock with a pinch of disco and the result is intoxicating.

Papillon – Editors

Released in 2009, Papillon (Butterfly in french) is one the greatest earworm in indie music. Not only is it impossible to forget that riff, but you’ll also want to play it on repeat. It was superbly crafted by the english band Editors, which we celebrated a few years ago with some intense cake. Try to catch the butterfly before it catches you.

Cherry Lips – Garbage

Last but not least, here’s a classic that cannot be ignored. Sung by one of our Rock Queens, Shirley Manson, in 2001, Cherry Lips is probably Garbage’s poppiest song. It certainly isn’t one of their weakest as it urges girls to speak up for themselves and to live a fuller life. Cherry Lips is a direct attack against the male-dominated music industry. It was designed to reach a wide audience and it did. Boy, did we dance to this tune!

Of course, lots of music videos could make it to this dancing list. Any ideas? Make sure to share them in the comments.

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