Creation is not an easy process. When we threw ourselves into our pastry rock adventure a few months ago, we wrote a list of artists who we thought deserved a glorious dessert treatment. While we had tons of ideas for some -and even more for bands we dislike  – our beloved Editors gave us a really hard time…

…until their latest album Violence came out a few weeks ago.

Who are Editors?

Picture this: the mystery of a dark alley meets the swagger of a runway model, and you’ve got Editors. These music magicians managed to blend post-punk revival with indie rock vibes, creating an irresistible cocktail.

The band Editors
© Rahi Rezvani

The band is composed of 5 awesome musicians :

  • Tom Smith, whose voice alone could melt mountains.
  • Ed Lay, a fantastic drummer who isn’t afraid of anything.
  • Russel Leetch, a quiet force and an amazing bassist.
  • Elliott Williams, a gifted keyboardist with the ability to turn pits into dancefloors.
  • Justin Lockey, a mysterious guitarist with many musical mischiefs in mind.

If you haven’t seen them live, you are definitely missing out.

Why do we love the album Violence?

Violence is an immersive plunge into electronic rock abysses. It depicts a dynamic yet mysterious landscape of pulsating synths and brooding guitars. Its intense atmosphere and genre-defying songs unsettled many fans. For us, it was love at first sight.

The heavy sound, captivating melodies, Tom Smith’s enchanting voice, and the beautiful raw and primitive vibe of Rahi Rezvani’s artwork really stroke our imaginations. All of a sudden it became crystal clear: Editors deserved the ultimate chocolate cake, a vibrant, intense mud cake.

Chocolate layer cake ganache coating
Making red edible glass
Knife cutting chocolate layer cake with edible glass

We rushed to our kitchen and made it happen. Here’s the result: a vibrant hommage to this tremendous band and album. Are you ready for the chocolate cake of a lifetime? Tell us in the comments! (And if you want more chocolate, check out the cake we made for Ghost).

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