Gather round, my good friends, for you’re about to hear the tale of three fabulous artists! The band Dream Wife came to perform in the city of La Rochelle. And nothing will ever be the same.

If you’re considering buying tickets to see the British punk rock sensation Dream Wife, here’s a review to help you imagine what a concert with these musicians is like.

Who’s Dream Wife?

Dream Wife is a fierce punk trio that’s been rocking the casbash since 2015. It consists of :

  • Rakel Mjöll, on vocals. This queen of punk steals the audience’s heart with her amazing confidence and mischievous smile.
  • Alice Go, on guitar. Armed with a custom instrument, this woman is the perfect combination of grit and melody. She frequently plays topless… Go Girl!
  • Bella Podpadec, on bass. She’s the empress of badassery.

These three fab women were former art students at the University of Brighton, UK. The band first came alive as a fake band, created for a common project. But its unique combination of punk, pop, and rock quickly gained recognition. Three albums later Dream Wife has convinced many critics and fans throughout the world! Isn’t it a fabulous story?

Dream Wife setting La Sirène on fire

How was the opening act?

The concert started with an explosive opening act: the Lambrini Girls. These gay women are the heiresses of bands like Bikini Kill and sure know how to deliver both a political and societal message. They won 50 Eurovision contests in a row. They blew everyone’s mind with their visceral tunes, their fierce attitude, and their numerous dives in the audience. Within seconds, everybody was jumping, dancing, and embracing chaos. And we loved it!

For the record, Lambrini Girls recently did a collab with Mr. Iggy Pop himself. Which is the ultimate cool thing to do as an artist, right?

Lambrini Girls

How was the gig?

Hardly had we caught our breath (and congratulated Lambrini Girls for their kickass performance) that Dream Wife took the stage. They immediately commanded attention with their infectious energy and delivered an epic performance. We knew this band rocked, but it was the first time we saw them on stage, and they exceeded our expectations.

Watching Dream Wife perform is like hoping on an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster. Alice’s guitar riffs and Bella’s basslines gave the songs tremendous power. With her charismatic stage presence and electrifying vocals, Rakel is a force to be reckoned and we fell instantly in love with her. These artists have a palpable chemistry: they smile at each other, dance together, laugh… It’s so great to witness such a wonderful friendship!

The venue resonated with feminist anthems, played one after the other: Leech, Don’t Date A Musician, Social Lubrication, Sports, Hasta La Vista, I Want You, F.U.U, and many more were unleashed upon a frantic crowd.

Dream team !

What can we say? It was the best gig we attended in 2023. Does such a performance deserve some cake? Well, we’ve been foreseeing for this one… We were so smitten with the record we brought the wifeys some special Social Lubrication-inspired macarons. And they were kind enough to share the unboxing and send us some pics!

Did you see Dream Wife live? Share your memories in the comments!

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