Blur is back, baby. It’s the revival we’ve been all waiting for and we’re so living for it. They say millenials don’t age, and somehow, we do agree: it’s like we’ve never really recovered from the nineties and got stuck there forever! Obviously, cake was mandatory.

Keeping the Britpop sparkle alive


Baking a treat for Blur

Here’s a truth acknowledged by all: cakes who want sweets who like pies to be treats who do cakes like they’re sweets who do cakes like they’re treats always should be something you really love!

And you know what we really love? Blur. Don’t know about you, but their new album made us wanna listen to all their catalogue all over again and again. We played their best-of all week long and got hungry for more… So we rushed to our kitchen and created a new britpop phenomenon : an exquisite frutilicious pie!

On the menu: a delicious crispy crust, beautiful fresh fruits and a luscious, super creamy chocolate ganache. Do we love it? Of course we do. Have we considered bathing in it? … maybe. Are you in love with Damon…er… this fruit pie too?

Blur-inspired fruitilicious pie

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