Hey Guys! How are you doing during these weird times? When you’re bound to stay at home, days can seem longer than ever. It’s the perfect time to improve your craft, by attending this online course you always kept putting aside. Or to Netflix & chill like it’s an Olympic game or something. We get it, we also went during this weird phase where all we wanted to do was absolutely nothing. So why not catch up with the latest music and listen to new bands? 

We thought we might cheer you up a bit with our favorite acts discoveries. 

Boy, it was hard to choose the bands we loved most! We shortened the list to 7 names… but let’s consider this post as the first one of a new thrilling series.

For this first round, we picked up the artists we discovered thanks to social media. And most specifically Instagram. 

We’ve been hanging around there for a while and, believe it or not, beyond the not-so-inspirational fitness girls’ accounts and over-photoshopped travel pics, we realized Instagram was a fantastic way to share and discover new music! 

Sometimes it’s just casual lazy scrolling but we found out about most of it thanks to our fantastic community recommendations. 

Ready to rock? Here are our top artists of the moment.

The Wants

We cannot urge you enough to listen to The Wants

This NYC post-punk band is Bodega’s brilliant cousin brought to life by the awesome bassist Heather Elle and guitarist Madison Velding-VanDam. They partnered with the excellent drummer Jason Gates and Bam! The Wants entered the world to our greatest delight. 

On the menu: some intense yet minimalist post-punk served with fierce elegance, a Lynchian atmosphere with great dancing beats and introspective lyrics that perfectly catch the anxiety of our times.

Their brilliant debut album, Container, just got out in March on Council Records.

Bonus: make sure to check out Veda Rays, Jason Gates’ alternative rock project tinged with new wave. 

Meggie Brown

How can one resist this magnetic riff, right? 

Born in a Southgate attic, in the summer of 2016, Meggie Brown is full of surprises. 

Led by the charismatic Meggie Cousland, the seven-piece band makes some damn fine punk rock. Their music is fun, witty, and colorful. They were highly recommended by Alex Kapranos lead singer of Franz Ferdinand himself, who produced their debut single “Coming Back Again “.  Instant revelation!

Romano Nervoso

All hail the Spaghetti-Rock Godfathers! 

Romano Nervoso is the best thing that happened to Italian music for ages and they sure know how to deliver pure rock energy. 

They were praised by numerous bands like Skip The Use, Electric Six, and… the late Johnny Hallyday: all of them begged the ferocious band to become their opening act. 

Their taste for glitter and an inner sense of wild entertaining extravaganza did the rest to get us fully committed to their cause.

Want some good news? Their new album, “The Return of The Rocking Dead“, just got out last month. Needless to say, it’s a must-have. 

Also, Romano Nervoso recorded an exclusive new song to help you Stay Home. You know what to do.

The Sekt

Hell Yeah, another kickass Northern rock band to add to our playlist! 

The Sekt is a four-piece band from Sweden, just as we like it, with heavy sound and an intense metal feel going on. 

Created in 2016, the band released two excellent albums Djuret and Frälst, that we highly recommend if you like a mix of energetic drumming, strong riffs, and powerful bass lines. 

Wait, isn’t it what we all crave for? 

Furthermore, it will be a great way to win extra points on Duolingo by improving your Swedish! 

PS: If you like this underground band we might have referred to a few times, The Hives, you might have noticed the presence of The Johan and Only, one of our favorite musicians!

Robert Vendetta

You know our love for Scandinavian bands, so here’s a great one!

Inspired by Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown and Elvis, the Norwegian Robert Vendetta makes some cool pop music with amazing retro vibes. It is impossible not to get up and start dancing!

Make sure to listen to his second LP “Headed out of my League”, an album filled with catchy tunes and bouncing beats, even though there is a fair amount of darkness in the lyrics. 

Check it out and have a well-deserved blast.

Verity White

Soaring vocals, fuzzy guitars, visceral tunes, what’s not to like in Verity White‘s music? That’s right: NOTHING! 

Verity White gives it all with splendid energy and generosity and we had a big crush on the British band’s punk rock energy and nineties vibes.

Her latest album “Reclaim Set Fire” is fierce and you need to check it out. Come and get it she proclaims in the opening tune, what are you waiting for?

The Push

Last but not least, let’s talk about The Push

Straight from Austin, Texas, the two-piece band delivers some great rock, and cleverly mix British pop sounds with classic American beats. 

The result is a really fun sound that will stick to your ears. Their debut single Atomic Bomb is loud, and catchy and will make you want to rush and listen to their new album « No Light in The Darkness » immediately. 

That’s all folks…for today. Hope you’ll enjoy this selection and like these bands as much as we do! 

If you have new bands to recommend, please do tell us about them in the comments section.

And of course, you can support these bands on social media, like, follow, stream, share, spread the love, and visit their Bandcamp and official websites to purchase physical releases and rad merch. Every little action counts, now more than ever.

Have a nice day and keep rocking!

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