Valentine’s Day suck and that’s why we decided to make it memorable by hosting a new Yummy Award Celebration. We tell you all about it in this article.

Yummy Awards are a great occasion to let the Sound Eaters community speak its mind and choose the band it likes most. This year, the votes went wild and the legendary band Blondie stole the show!

A Yummy Award filled with looove

Valentine’s Day is here. And we, rock music lovers, couldnt care less about sending flowers to our loved ones. We don’t want flowers. We want decibels and chocolate, duh! Still, this event is a perfect opportunity to send love to the band we all like the most, and here’s how: by voting for the Yummy Awards, an event in which YOU choose the artist who, above all, deserves cake. The whole thing happened on our IG account and it was very exciting!

We asked you to tell us what band deserved to be turned into a cake for Valentine’s Day. And you didn’t disappoint! You recommended so many fab musicians and legends : Radiohead, Beyonce, Pulp, Dolly Parton (Do you remember the super cute Ginger House we baked for her?), Bjork, The Beatles, QOTSA (We already made cupcakes and a fraisier cake for this sexy devils), Morrissey (Er… This one might not be as fab as the others), etc…

Blondie stole our music lovers’ heart

After one week of epic celebrity deathmatches, the good IG people selected Blondie as the champion of their hearts and we were thrilled. We’re huge Debbie Harry fans and we had so many ideas to celebrate this iconic woman.

We thought a lot about it and considered making a Heart of Glass frozen thing. But we remembered a song more suitable for this Valentine’s Day and decided to make… a Call Me Cake! 🤩 So we rolled our sleeves and designed a spectacular red velvet beauty. This cake is filled with moist chocolate genoise baked in parallel lines, delicious vanilla-rose whipped cream, silky smooth Swiss meringue buttercream, and looots of love for Blondie.

Would you answer this call? We sure would! Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

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