This year, we’ve all been blessed with an avalanche of Dolly Parton’s goodness : a Xmas movie, the most joyful Xmas vinyl to date and even a Covid vaccine she helped fund! It was time to give back with a brand new cake creation.

The genesis of our very special Dolly-inspired cathedral

Why do we all love Dolly Parton?

We don’t know about you, guys, but we’ve always had a soft spot for Mrs Parton. She is an authentic woman, a fantastic singer and songwriter, who managed to become the living embodiment of country music all by herself. Dolly gives strenght and hope to every woman out there. She is kindness, love and grace personified. A true sparkling Christmas blessing! 

Very rare picture of Christmas turkeys with the holy spirit.

A cake for Dolly Parton

For our 2020 Xmas Wonder, we baked a Merry Holly Dolly Cookie Country House, a glittery and unapologetic celebration of everyone’s favorite wonderwoman, Ms Dolly Parton herself! This treasure is filled with tons of creamy white chocolate ganache, some tasty lychee-raspberry jelly, a rose-infused genoise, crunchy almond-pecan cookies and way too much bling (although, there’s no such thing as too much bling, don’t you think?). Can this beauty be even yummier? Of course not, it’s perfect!

Dolly Parton-inspired Christmas gingerbread house

Merry Xmas y’all! And may Dolly be with you.

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