Take a punk and pop culture icon, Ginger Elvis, a multi-instrumentalist wizard and drum wonder boy, place them in the desert, shake, stir et voilà, pour yourself a glorious cocktail of rock’n’roll at its finest. Cheers!

7 years ago, in March 2016, Iggy Pop released his new album, Post Pop Depression. From the very first notes, we knew the damn thing would steal our hearts forever. For his 17th opus, the godfather of punk partnered up with no less than QOTSA’s Josh Homme and Dean Fertita and Arctic Monkeys Matt Helders. The result is history. 

Post-Pop Depression is totally self-financed by Pop and Homme. Homme said that working on it helped him cope with the horrendous terrorist attack that stroke le Bataclan in 2015 with his Eagles of Death Metal bandmates playing that night. It is, indeed, an introspective work, both thoughtful and sober. When listening to it, you’ll inevitably think of QOTSA, sure, but also of The Dead Weather and David Bowie. 9 magnificent garage rock songs, talking about sex and death. A few top ones will haunt us forever: Break Into Your Heart, Gardenia, American Valhalla, Sunday, Paraguay…

2 girls holding Post Pop Depression vinyl

If you want to know more about the making of this gem, go check “American Valhalla”, the excellent documentary going from the genesis of the project to the stellar final performance of the tour at London Royal Albert Hall.
Are you as very much in love with this LP as we are? What are your favorite songs?

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