The italian band Måneskin is back with a third album that definitely got us intrigued. Let’s talk about it!

Did you know we had a guilty pleasure named Eurovision? Don’t you look at us like that, sometimes this event can be full of nice surprises! And Måneskin are definitely one of them. This stylish glam rock band from Italy is bringing fresh blood into rock’n’roll! Raw vocals, evocative melodies, sexy bass, punchy drums… what’s not to like?

Who are Måneskin ?

Måneskin, fellow audiophiles, is the Italian glam-rock sensation of the moment. With their sultry vocals and rebellious charm, these musicians are the epitome of actual rock ‘n’ roll swagger. The band consists of four young and fierce members :

  • Damiano David, the singer.
  • Victoria De Angelis on Bass guitar.
  • Thomas Raggi on guitar.
  • And Ethan Torchio on drums.
New Gucci campaign? Rolling Stone cover? © Måneskin — CC BY-SA 4.0

One album to rule the world

With their new album, Rush, the young and ambitious musicians composed 17 songs to rule them all (15 in English). The inspirations are numerous: Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, The Cramps and many more. Our fave tunes? Own my mind, Bla bla bla, Gasoline, La Fine, Gossip.

In a world where it’s getting difficult to find exhilarating new music, we do appreciate Måneskin’s enthusiasm and hope the band will keep its infectious energy throughout the years. Do give them a chance, they’re definitely worth it!

Now tell us: do you like Måneskin? What are your favorite songs?

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