One man. A guitar. And nothing more. That’s the premise of Miles Kane’s latest tour, and we were most certainly intrigued… Driving to La Sirène in La Rochelle, we were quite excited to see the British indie rock maestro in action. How did it go? Read this article to know!

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Miles Kane’s live performances on multiple occasions, always accompanied by phenomenal musicians such as the brilliant drummer Victoria Smith (M.I.A, ABBA) and the effortlessly cool bassist Nathan Sudders. You probably remember the show made quite an impression on us and we happily baked a lil something for the band.

Chocolate cupcakes topped with butterfly pea tea blue buttercream and raspberry next to Miles Kane vinyl record
Our infamous “Coup de Gras” cupcakes

With the “Coup de Grace” Tour now a distant memory, Miles has decided to hit the road to perform a solo act. Here’s our review.

How was the Opening Act?

With the recent pandemic, the live music scene has faced many challenges, making each concert a cherished event. We were glad to come back at La Sirène, a venue we recently discovered for a Dream Wife concert.

La Rochelle is a lovely seaside town renowned for his architecture and marina. We never thought it would become an indie hot spot and yet, over the past decade, La Sirène has established itself as a mandatory stop for many tours.

It is a perfect setting for a cosy yet rad performance. With a capacity of 400 music lovers, the club configuration of the venue’s small room offered an ideal backdrop for Miles Kane’s solo act.

The show started with Ten Tonnes, a British songwriter coming from Hertford, also known as George Ezra’s brother. Ten Tonnes, whose real name is Ethan Barnett, debuted with his first single in 2016, followed by his eponymous album released three years later under the Warner Bros label. Last year, he released his second album, “Dancing, Alone,” which secured the 40th spot on the charts.

Ten Tonnes opening for Miles Kane

Accompanied by his acoustic guitar, Ethan delivered an engaging set filled with gentle indie rock melodies, complemented by bittersweet lyrics that often explored themes of loneliness.

How was Miles Kane’s concert?

Should we admit it? When we got the tickets, we had no idea what we were signing for! What struck us immediately was the simplicity of the setup – just Miles, his beloved Gibson guitar, and a drum machine. The man was dressed in his signature style – a blonde bob, a classic Lacoste polo, adorned with a gold chain, and crisp white trousers.

One Man Band in action

When Miles Kane took the stage, his energy won everyone’s hearts within seconds. This artist is known for his unbelievable stamina and he played this gig as he would play Wembley, leaving no prisoners! The setlist included a repertoire that spanned his entire career and Miles treated the audience to all his hits and more.

One Man Band but the energy of a powerplant


Troubled Son

Better Than That

The Wonder

Cry on My Guitar


One Man Band



Coup de Grace


Standing Next To Me

Colour of the Trap

Never Taking Me Alive

Come Closer

Don’t Forget who You Are

Miles Kane – La Sirene (March 13th, 2024)

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the acoustic rendition of ‘Standing Next To Me’, a beauty composed during his Last Shadow Puppets Era, with his best friend Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys. We must admit, tears came to our eyes.

Miles also performed a selection of older songs, including the fan-favorite “Dealer,” a track he penned for Lana Del Rey. The story behind their collaboration remains a mystery, but the magic they created together was palpable in Miles’ rendition.

Witnessing an artist like Miles embrace different configurations with unwavering enthusiasm is such a wonderful thing to see. Despite the absence of a full band, his performance was filled with the same energy and passion that seduced his fans worldwide.

As we left the venue, we couldn’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to witness such a memorable performance. Way to go, One-Man Band!

Edit: Here’s the vlog we made about this fabulous evening:

Did you get to see Miles Kane perform during his One-Man Band Tour? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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