Wow, is it hot in here? Of course it is: the Queens of the Stone Age are soon to be back, baby, and the temperature is rising… While we all wait for our copy to come, we thought it was the perfect time to bake a treat inspired by the hottest QOTSA album in our vinyl collection : Rated R.

As fans of music and baking, we sought a delectable way to celebrate this stoner rock masterpiece. The result? A dashing fraisier cake that captures QOTSA savage sultriness. Crank up the volume, we’re about to rock your taste buds.

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Why is Rated R so special ?

Queens of The Stone Age’s album “Rated R” is one the greatest alternative rock albums out there. Bursting with raw energy, superb melodies, and sexy lyrics, this album is a major milestone for the band. Released in 2000, “Rated R” showcased the band’s evolution from their self-titled debut, solidifying their signature sound that merges stoner rock, grunge, and desert rock.

From the memorable opening notes of “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” to the scorching riffs of “Better Living Through Chemistry,” “Rated R” takes listeners on a wild ride. Josh Homme’s distinctive vocals, coupled with the band’s heavy guitar-driven sound, create an atmosphere that is both hypnotic and gritty.

Tracks like “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret” prove the band’s ability to craft compelling melodies that linger long after the album stops spinning. From the introspective “Auto Pilot” to the explosive “Monsters in the Parasol,” “Rated R” is a real milestone.

Rocking with flavors : a Rated R cake is born

The first thing that came to our minds when looking at our copy of rated R (well, actually, Rated X) is that… well… it’s red. It’s really vibrant red. Since we were in Spring, the choice of the fruit was obvious : strawberries are the perfect combination of sweetness, juiciness and sexyness. We then imagined a fraisier, a French classic, and decided to make it as naughty and alluring as possible.

You ready? Here’s our fraisier cake, a feverish treat filled with luscious vanilla cream, a tender, moist genoise and lots of exquisite strawberries that will make your tastebuds scream with delight.😜

Oh my goodness, this baby is just too naughty to be true! We have to say, we’re obsessed. Are you? Do you want a slice of this hottie?

QOTSA Rated R strawberry cake
Queens Of The Stone Age-inspired Rated R fraisier cake
QOTSA Rated R strawberry cake

PS: Rated R isn’t the only album we turned into a cake. Check out or fabulous “Villains” Cupcakes!

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