Have you heard Clara Luciani & Alex Kapranos « Summer Wine »? 

We spent the whole month humming this gorgeous tune! How could we not love a song that blends these two artists voices so beautifully? 

Plus, did you know the song is actually a cover from Lee Hazlewood ? Summer Wine was one of the greatest hits from 1967. It wasn’t originally sung by Nancy Sinatra, but it was made famous by her great addition to the song.

The tune tells the story of a man who wakes up after a night of heavy drinking. The woman who invited him to do so left him alone after robbing all his belongings. Covered by many great artists, including Lana Del Rey, or Coeur de Pirate, the song happens to be Alex Kapranos & Clara Luciani favorite karaoke tune. After singing it on stage, they decided to make a proper recording for the song and we’re very glad they did that ! 

In fact, we were so smitten with this delicious cover, we just had to celebrate it our way. 

And let’s be honest, the lyrics provide the best recipe ever : 

So, we designed a moist Angel Cake, soaked with summer wine – well, rosé – and cherry syrup… But it wasn’t enough. So we added a delicious mascarpone whipped cream. And strawberries. And cherries.

…But it still wasn’t enough. So we went wild and made rosé wine jelly gummy candies. Yum!

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