Baby, it’s freaking hot outside! Do you need some fresh electro sound ?

Let’s fight that heatwave with some music from the coolest cat out there : the incredible Julian Corrie aka Miaoux Miaoux. Don’t know Miaoux Miaoux yet? You’re in for some serious electro treat!

The perfect LP to chill-out 

Brilliant mind. Sharp ears. The most soothing voice ever. This ain’t no alley cat. Julian Corrie is a former sound engineer, which tells a lot about his level of mastery and exigence. You will be struck by the quality of his music : each note sounds as pure as crystal. 

Also, Miaoux Miaoux is fond of eighties pop and nineties trance. He uses this powerful inspirations to craft delicious, keyboard-based, straight-forward music. No doubt, this will strike your dancing chord and leave you high-fiving million angels in the solitude of your flat. 

This outstanding composer notably brought all his technicity and swag to Franz Ferdinand‘s latest album, Always Ascending. Oh, and did we mention Mr Corrie is a multi-instrumentist? On stage, the man can handle keyboards, modular synths and guitar with equal maestria and grace. Double bass? Didgeridoo? Hungarian viola? We bet he’ll be up for the challenge.

But Julian Corrie is so, so much more than Alex Kapranos’ gifted sidekick. Before joining the Scottish gang, he made several albums worth noticing. Here is his second-born, made in 2012 : “Light of the North”. A sophisticated journey into a rich, colourful sound. 

While we were both going through some complicated time, we played this finely crafted gem of electro pop on repeat. We tell you: every single listen of these intricated layers of clever feelgoodness will work like magic to soothe your mind and make it pop. Or should we say… purr? 

Sharp Tunes. Unique artist. Do yourself a favor. Buy the damn record and make your world go “Meow”.

Audrey holding Miaoux Miaoux vinyl in front of cat streetart in Bordeaux

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