Beer. Chocolate. Glitter. And cake! Each one of them is the solution to almost everything, right? So why not mix them all together to fight sadness and join the forces of Idles, our new punk band crush? Don’t know them yet? Check them out… like now !

Today, we tell you all about the band Idles and their fabulous new album “Joy As An Act of Resistance”.

Who are Idles?

Idles is a British punk rock band formed in Bristol in 2009. This crew consists of Joe Talbot on killer vocals, Mark Bowen slaying lead guitar, Lee Kiernan bringing rhythm guitar realness, Adam Devonshire dropping the bass bomb, and Jon Beavis banging those drums.

Idles on stage in France

Get ready, because their fierce and politically charged jams have everyone giving them snaps and applause!

All you need is Punk Love

Joe Talbot had more than his share of pain in life: when he was a teenager, his mother suffered a stroke and became paralyzed. He took care of her until last year, when she passed away, almost the same time as her baby girl, June, who was, tragically, stillborn.

One year later, Joe and his bandmates returned with Joy as an Act of Resistance, an instant punk rock classic. Twelve powerful, brutally painful but also, splendidly optimistic songs. A real catharsis, operated by the band, to fight everyday pains and advocate tolerance, love, and respect.

This album is a real sucker punch. You will cry, you will laugh, and will feel alive again. Astonishing !

Baking a cake for Idles

We got to see the band live; it was an out-of-this-world performance. Imagine five guys playing fiercely, with loud bass, and furious guitars, dancing merrily around the stage. A brilliant chaotic mess, and a band not giving a fuck about anything but their message of joy and peace. This is Idles. And we love them!

Beer chocolate cake built as a wall next to Idles Joy as an act of resistance vinyl record
A cake wall made with joy

We had to do something about it. So, here’s our contribution to the movement, inspired by Idles, their love of life, and brutalist architecture. This is our cake as an Act of Joy.

Love these vibes? Go check out their lovely online community, AF GANG, full of adorable people helping each other. Their motto? All is Love. Punk is not dead, Ladies and Gentlemen, Punk is not dead at all.

Beer chocolate cake built as a wall Joy inscription detail

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