There are no words to describe how we felt the first time we heard Because the Night’ sublime piano intro. No words to describe the chills we got from the crazy beautiful lyrics, or Patti Smith’s broken voice and immense stage presence. No words to tell how important the album Easter is to us. So we baked a cake.

Since we’re all locked down in our homes for Easter, we thought we might cheer you up with some triple chocolate treat inspired by one of the greatest artists out there: Patti Smith.

Why do we love Easter by Patti Smith?

Because The Night was originally written by Bruce Springsteen. The Boss struggled with the song, and couldn’t find any good lyrics for it. When he decided not to record it, his engineer, Jimmy Lovine, who was also producing Patti Smith’s new record, handed it over to the poetess. One night, as Patti was listening to the speechless song, she took a piece of paper and started writing. Because The Night was finally complete.

Patti Smith Easter vinyl
The legendary artwork of the album Easter

The song was released as a single of her new album Easter in 1978 and is to this day Patti Smith’s greatest hit! Easter itself was a real success. The album, full of biblical references, includes a rare diversity of musical genres – classic rock with Rock n’Roll Nigga – the song is not about racism but about standing up for yourself as an artist-, folk music with Ghost Dance, pop… and some Patti most touching poems. 

Baking an Easter-inspired cake

This is a cake for Easter

For years, we wanted to celebrate this rock gem! Many times we hesitated: because of the album’s name, we thought maybe it was too obvious a cake to make. But this year, we just ended up thinking: What the hell?! Can’t a Sound Eater have a little fun during these crazy quarantine days? So here’s our very first celebration of Easter, and our second Patti Smith dessert: a bold & beautiful Chocolate Charlotte!

You know us, we don’t compromise, so instead of one chocolate type, we decided to use all three! Dark Chocolate! Milk Chocolate! White Chocolate! Chocolate Every-fucking-where! After all, the cover of Easter itself seems to use three shades of brown. The result is this very rich and moist Charlotte.

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