No way?! Garbage’s third album, ‘BeautifulGarbage,’ is turning 22 today?! How is that even possible? It seems like we were scandalously shaking our hips in front of the “Cherry Lips” video just yesterday! Let’s talk about this gem straight away.

Beautiful Garbage was released on October, 2nd 2001. It’s an underrated album that deserves all your attention. 

Who is Garbage again?

What? You don’t know about Garbage yet? Let us introduce you to this fierce and fabulous band! These rock icons are the epitome of cool with a touch of attitude. Their music is a delicious blend of rock, pop, and electronica, serving up disillusioned lyrics and infectious hooks that’ll make you beg for more.

Garbage at Cognac Blues Passions 2018

Garbage is composed of 4 incredible musicians :

  • Shirley Manson: the ultimate frontwoman. Sultry voice, incandescent style, and stage presence, she’s the heart and soul of Garbage. The girl is as sharp as her killer eyeliner.
  • Duke Erikson: Duke is the cool cat with impeccable guitar and keys skills. He’s the secret weapon that gives Garbage his extra punch.
  • Steve Marker: Steve, also master of guitar and keys adds the electronic edge that makes Garbage’s music pop. 
  • Butch Vig: Last but definitely not least, we have Butch Vig, production wizard (Nirvana, Green Day, Sonic Youth, Foo Fighters…) on drums and percussion. He’s the rhythm king who keeps Garbage’s beats fierce and on point. 

Listening to Beautiful Garbage

Though it wasn’t as successful as its predecessors, Garbage and Version 2.0, BeautifulGarbage is totally worth listening. Shirley Manson and his bandmates needed a change and totally went for it: sharp lyrics, dense melodies, and an edgy blend of alt-rock, trip-hop, and electronica define this record. 

The title of the album is, in fact, inspired by the song “Celebrity Skin”. You can hear Courtney Love talking of “beautiful Garbage” on this track. Shirley and his bandmembers loved this choice of words so much they decided to use it, alongide the superb fracture rose shown on the album cover. Of course, Courtney gracefully gave his approval.

But there’s more: this album is a pioneer in flipping off conventions, with sonic treasures like the super sexy Androgyny or the exquisite and earwormy Cherry Lips. You’ll find many more gems on this album. We, for example, have a thing for Silence is Golden, Cup of Coffee, Breaking Up The Girl, or Shut Your Mouth.

Get ready to throw your sneakers, stilettos, or whatever, people! Let’s embrace the weird, wild, and wonderful sassiness of BeautifulGarbage and play it on repeat. Go, Baby, Go Go! 💋 What’s your favorite song from this album? 

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