What?! Randy Fitzsimmons, The Hives beloved mentor has died in mysterious circumstances?! Never fear, my dear, Sound Eaters are here: our new cake creation will comfort every single grieving soul out there. Yes, for the Champagne of Bands, we baked something fab that will slay your senses like never before. 

The not so subtle art of black widowing

Why is The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons so special?

Long-awaited, The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons is a killer album with nothing but bangers on it. When asked about their conception of rock music, Pelle Almqvist, the band’s frontman explained that “There’s nothing more depressing than adult rock music”. And he’s right! Far from being slow and dull, this LP is not for the faint of heart. It’s pure punk rock energy and we’re so grateful that the Hives didn’t decide to become quiet and mature persons, in their songs at least.

Baking a treat (again) for The Hives

Randy Fitzsimmons is no more.  But The Hives are very much alive and slaying all the venues in Europe right now, as they should! We all waited for their new album for so long. It’s now time to celebrate this awesome band with some killer treat! Serving up a slice of steamy rock’n’roll, here’s our new cake creation: a decadent Millefeuille Cake in the shape of a Funeral Wreath! 

The Hives-inspired Randy Fitzsimmons funeral wreath cake

Picture this: delicate layers of flaky, buttery crust, a velvety white chocolate ganache, a rich sesame praliné with exquisite nutty flavors, and an incredibly light and smooth Swiss meringue buttercream… We tell you: each bite of this tantalizing masterpiece will send you right to Rock’nRoll Heaven. 

Do you like it? Do you love it? Tell us all in the comments.

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