Gather ’round, friends! We’re about to take you on a tour of the most fabulous vinyl shops in London! All vinyl addicted creatures should set foot in these record stores at least once in their lives, whether they live in this fab city or they are just visiting. Grab your credit card… Let’s go!

Rough Trade East

Oh, honey, if you haven’t been to Rough Trade East, you’ve never been to Heaven! Rough Trade East is an indie music mecca. You can find it in the middle of Shoreditch, not far away from Spitafields Market. You’ll find a great choice of indie records there and some really nice books written by fantastic artists such as Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and many more.

Plus, the place is also a cafe and a venue: you can see some really cool showcases there, as we often did. The coolest cats always take time to immortalize their awesome selves in their iconic photobooth. Don’t miss the chance to do it too!

Sister Ray

Tucked away in the chic heart of Soho, Sister Ray is located in Berwick St (yes, the same one that graces the iconic Oasis album cover). It sprang to life back in ’89 and believe it or not, it all began as a humble stall in Camden Market. But oh, how the mighty have risen! This spot swiftly skyrocketed to legendary status, claiming its throne as one of the best vinyl shops in London.

Sister Ray braved the tumultuous years when vinyl wasn’t exactly the belle of the ball anymore – a testament to its sheer fabulousness. And let’s talk about their staff: they’ve got music knowledge for days! You could chat with these folks all day long. From timeless classics to rare gems and the hottest new releases, Sister Ray has it all. Consider it your one-stop shop in Soho for a dose of vinyl nirvana.

Stranger Than Paradise Records

Stranger Than Paradise Records is a small but utterly fabulous vinyl emporium nestled in Hackney. Trust us, it packs a colossal stock of records. They’ve got it all, from rock to jazz, electro to folk and country. Their selection is curated with an impeccable taste and the sheer volume of hidden gems in there is enough to make your head spin.

A lot of gems are not popular releases and that’s a good thing: you’ll learn a lot by chatting with the staff. These adorable people are not just there to ring up your purchases; they genuinely care about your musical tastes. Chat with them, and they’ll have you discover a plethora of new gems to grace your collection!

Mia in her natural habitat

Reckless Records

Not far from Sister Ray, you’ve got the fabulous Reckless Records. It’s a veritable treasure trove of vinyl delights with a solid rock collection. Elton John, The Beatles, Elvis – they’ve got ’em all, nestled amidst the modern music wonders.

Like many vinyl shops, this place can be a bit of a hotspot, and some of those vinyl gems might come with a slightly salty price tag. But the staff is nice, knowledgeable, and ready to help you dive into their vinyl jungle.

All Ages Records

If punk, metal, new wave, and hardcore music are your jam, then you’ve just stumbled upon your sonic paradise! Tucked away in the heart of Camden, All Ages Records is the haven you’ve been dreaming of. They let you test drive your musical selections before buying them. Also, the staff is a squad of alternative music zealots who live, breathe, and bleed for their tunes. And the owner? He’s a walking, talking punk movement bible.

What can you find here? The list is endless: LPs, CDs, badges, shirts, hats – you name it, they’ve got it. Plus the prices are super fair. What’s not to like? The answer, my friend, is simple: absolutely nothing. Unleash your inner rebel and discover this rad vinyl shop. Like, right now.

Hope you dig this tour of London’s best vinyl shops. Got other record stores you’ll like to add to this list? Tell us all in the comments!

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