We went to see Garbage perform for the very first time in our lives. Here’s our review of this show.

We finally saw Shirley Manson and the band Garbage on stage! The very one who changed our lives as teens and made us who we are today: stupid girls.

A long wait to finally see the iconic band Garbage

There are no words to describe the way we felt the first time we heard “Only happy when it rains” on the radio, decades ago. This song set our minds on fire and made us discover Garbage, this incredible band, led by the fiercest of the fierce: Shirley Manson herself.

Alternative music was booming in the nineties with gems like Skunk Anansie or Smashing Pumpkins, but, thanks to her unique personality, Garbage was the creme de la creme. With main influences like Blondie, Siouxie and The Banshees, David Bowie, Patti Smith, how could we not like them?

Garbage at Cognac Blues Passion
Behold our beloved Queen, Shirley Manson!

We promised ourselves to see them live as soon as possible… And we waited twenty years for the right opportunity to come! Twenty excruciatingly long years! We saw them for the very first time this summer, at a small Festival called Cognac Blues Passion. It was worth the endless wait. 

So, how was the show?

We have to be frank: we kinda apprehended this moment: according to some stories, Garbage wasn’t as powerful live as in its albums. We’re glad to tell you the rumors were completely wrong: the band ate the audience alive! Shirley was incredible, and very happy to be there. We were amazed by her voice, both powerful and intense. Duke Erikson, who was in front of us, absolutely killed it. The setlist was awesome! We got to hear every classic we could think of and a dazzling cover of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus”. Go check our Instagram account for some kick-ass videos. 

Also, we were so excited, that we lost it and took zillions of pictures. Still haven’t finished sorting them all. Even blurry, Shirley is still a badass rock goddess, so how could we possibly throw a single shot away?

PS: Love Garbage? Check out our articles on the albums Version 2.0 and BeautifulGarbage! Also, we made a delicious cake inspired by the band a few years ago and it’s worth seeing.

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