Not all heroes wear capes. Some don’t even wear shirts.

We were hanging in a weird mood between no-gig-season-depression and no-album-really-caught-our-attention-recently. And then BANG. Iggy Pop brutally woke us up!

Starting with the primal Frenzy, Every Loser kicks all the young rockers out there straight in the balls and manages to resurrect what’s best in punk music all on its own. Lots of beautiful people were involved in the making of this stunner: Dave Navarro, Chad Smith, Duff McKagan, and the oh-so-missed Taylor Hawkins. And they delivered! This LP is an uppercut.

We thought the lizard was ready to settle down with the magnificent Post Pop Depression and intimate Free. We were wrong: the punk godfather delivers 11 of its loudest, most energizing, and fiery tracks and proves he’s forever a wild child. At this point, we’re just so smitten by the whole thing we cannot tell which one is our favorite: Modern Day Ripoff? Comments? Frenzy? Or maybe the beautiful New Atlantis? Anyway. Welcome back, Mr. Pop! Now, get this man a cake! Wait. That’s our job.

Girl holding Iggy Pop red vinyl

And you, did you get to listen to this gem yet? What are your thoughts about it?

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