Rejoice, rock-addicted people! The fabulous Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, aka The Kills, are back after six long years with a new album, their sixth to date.

Released on October, 27th, God Games surprised everyone with his divisive artwork, addressing bullfighting. What’s our opinion on this new LP? Join us as we navigate the tracks of this new record.

A downtempo album with a few diamonds

When we heard New York, the first single issued from God Games, our hearts stopped. We immediately loved the hip-hop vibes, the sharp sound, and the already iconic lyrics “You taste just like New York”. Of course, when the album came out, we immediately did the unboxing of a lifetime, the Sound Eaters way.

We waited for more and rushed to listen to “LA Hex” and were surprised at how downtempo it was. The same occurred with the third single “103”: this song sparked numerous debates among us, with one loving its quirky side, while the other found it all a tad too much. But both these tunes were growers and, after listening to them live, we ended up humming them quite frequently.

God Games follows the rebellious footsteps of ‘Ash And Ice’. It relies on beautiful samples and massive guitar riffs. From the moody haze of ‘Going To Heaven’ to the downright fabulous ‘My Girls My Girls’ – where ethereal spirals meet gospel glam – this album is nothing but beautiful downtempo songs. We had, for instance, a massive crush on “Love and Tenderness” and “Better Days”. Sadly, some other tunes didn’t stick and were easily forgotten but we wouldn’t be surprised if we changed our minds after a few more listens.

Why you should discover God Games by The Kills

There is no major shift in the musical game of the power duo. Alison and Jamie stay true to themselves, which we greatly appreciate. The sound is more mature, Alison’s voice remains emotive and rock-solid, and Jamie knows how to unleash catchy riffs like no one else. Perhaps we would have welcomed more risks, but the whole thing still works perfectly. In our opinion, longtime fans will love these new tunes but it might be difficult for the band to convince new listeners.

Still, the critics were fairly good for this new opus :

  • “‘God Games’ serves as a testament to their new era, one that sees them push each other out of their comfort zones and explore new ways to keep adapting their iconic sound, providing a grand and edgy comeback that is as fresh as can be.” (NME).
  • “Rather than focus on the raw tones that other bands try to squeeze out of their instruments, Allison Mosshart and Jamie Hince spend most of the album getting in tune with the spiritual side, either through the lyrical end or the instrumental choices.” (Far Out).
  • “You wish The Kills were a touch more prolific, especially in recent years, but ‘God Games’, like its predecessors, has proved worth the wait.” (DIY Mag).

What about you? Did you like The Kills’s new record? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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