Twenty years ago, The White Stripes blew everyone’s mind with Elephant, a milestone in garage rock history.

As many of you, we’ve been addicted to the White Stripes for ages now and never really recovered from them parting ways in 2011. Elephant, their fourth album, celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. Needless to say, we spinned this vinyl so repeatedly it’s a miracle it survived till 2023! 

Elephant is now 20 years old

With tunes like Ball and Biscuit, The Hardest Button to Button, You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket, In The Cold Cold Night and, of course, Seven Nation Army, Elephant just couldn’t be left unheard. Acclaimed both by critics and indie fans worldwide, this masterpiece proves you don’t need much to make rock history. All it takes is two people, some unbelievable chemistry, and a crazy amount of talent! 

A two piece? Undeniable chemistry? Tons of talent? Sounds familiar?

We could talk for hours about this album. We could babble on and on about how much we miss Jack and Meg’s power duo. We could call out all the snakes out there who think Meg isn’t good enough. But we won’t. Instead, we’ll just listen to Elephant once more because, frankly, it just speaks for itself (double tap this post if you agree). Hope you’ll join us in this celebration!

Celebrating The White Stripes (again)

You really thought we would celebrate Elephant’s 20th Anniversary without baking a cake, didn’t you? Well, my good friends, you were sooo wrong!

Here’s a batch of really special whoopie pies for The Whites Stripes: red velvet cookies, mascarpone whipped cream, and lots of love for this legendary band. Who wants some?

PS : Psst! Did you know we baked not one but two Holiday cake for The White Stripes? Go and check out our Merry White Stripes Xmas cake and our Hotel Yorba Gingerbread House! They’re fab. Just like you.

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