As there’s always room for dessert, there’s always room in our hearts for great performers, and Anna Calvi sure is one. Well, we might not be as gifted as her for poetry, that’s for sure.

We don’t have Anna Calvi’s divine voice, her ability to top Jack White’s guitar skills or her electrifying stage presence. But we got cake. 

Who is Anna Calvi ?

Anna Calvi is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist who will give you goosebumps. Born on September 24, 1980, in Twickenham, London, she has carved her own niche in the indie rock scene.

Anna’s vocals, coupled with fierce guitar skills, are astonishing. She delivered critically acclaimed albums like her self-titled debut and “Hunter”‘,” Calvi'” who’s a masterpiece if you ask us.

Anna Calvi Hunter red vinyl record with candy apple and red rose
Anna Calvi’s “Hunter” album is a beauty, don’t you think?

Anna Calvi’s concert in Bordeaux was a revelation. We’ve been sucker-punched by this woman’s charisma ever since we saw her subtle figure enter the stage, with white boots and a red costume. The show was absolute perfection.

Anna’s voice is powerful and intense and so is her guitar playing. Her riff maestria made us think of Jack White’s best solos and it is such a pity she was not more acknowledged for that. She played almost the entire last album, which is a must-have if you don’t own it yet, and stole our hearts. 

Baking a cake for Anna Calvi

Our brand new cake creation for Anna Calvi

We vowed not to sleep before we made Anna Calvi a cake! So here’s our treat for our very special Valentine’s girl this day. For our lustful creation, inspired by Anna Calvi’s majestic performance, we imagined this decadent flower, Italy and England combined, with a scrumptious almond and amaretto biscuit, topped with basil-infused mascarpone whipped cream and crunchy Pomme d’Amour…

Graphic cake with whipped cream and candy apples detail
Cream + candied apples + amaretto biscuit = perfection!

What can we say? We’re in love. 

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone.

Graphic cake with whipped cream and candy apples slice

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