Lana Del Rey is back with a brand new album. Let’s talk about it.

Loathed by some, adored by other, Lana Del Rey is one of the most dividing artist out there. Her new opus, “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel under Ocean Blvd” is definitely a keeper.

A roller-coaster of emotions

Can you think of a record that can simultaneously teach you fun facts about LA streets and tunnels, make you cringe with not one but two preachers’ heated sermons and make you giggle at Taco Truck love stories ? Well, Lana Del Rey got you covered. In her latest LP, “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”, the dream pop singer addresses all the topics above to the sound of piano ballads, trap music, sick beats, and… waltz!

Miss Del Rey’s trademark songwriting infused with sex, death, and California references finds a new echo with her most personal lyrics to date.

This video has won best alternative at the 2023 VMAs.

Why you should discover Lana Del Rey’s last album

This album is a wild rollercoaster but somehow, it works beautifully. As divisive as her persona may be, Lana Del Rey has forged her way into becoming a mesmerizing artist and we’ll keep asking for more.

Here’s a recap of the critics’ reviews on this album :

  • “It is her quietest, most wilfully inscrutable record in a long time, perhaps since 2015’s glacially paced, rebelliously quiet Honeymoon. Many of the songs here don’t have choruses or hooks, and instead feel like the result of Del Rey simply standing in front of a microphone and vibing out.” (The Guardian)
  • “Lana Del Rey, accused for so long of striking a pose, may ironically be the most naked, least affected pop superstar we have right now. That’s something worth putting on a billboard.” (Variety)
  • “She’s not someone whose records you throw on when you want to connect with the figure behind the microphone, she transports the listener into a nightmare-daydream, a blend of patriotism and tragedy, sonnets that double as eulogies.” (Consequence of Sound)

Do you have a fave song on this album? Personally, “A&W”, “Let the light in” and “Paris, Texas” stole our hearts.

Girl holding Lana Del Rey vinyl
Did you know that Miss Lana moved us to tears? Again.

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