Lots of quiet days at home lately. Do you need to calm your nerves and stop thinking about the damn covid for a few minutes? Here’s the perfect album for this kind of situation: the magnificent Double Roses by Karen Elson

Are you a fan of the magnificent Karen Elson? Fashion Queen, Folk Goddess, Lifestyle Empress, Women Empowering Ambassador, there’s nothing this woman can’t do! More recently, she eased our lockdown experience with her formidable Radio Redhead IG videos -in which she covers one song a day from Dolly Parton to Cher and Danzig! It made us want to listen to her records even more.

Double Roses, romantic folk at its best

Let’s talk about the fabulous record Double Roses. Did you know this is Miss Elson’s second album? Her first one, The Ghost Who Walks, already caught our attention in 2010 with its intense collection of stories and murder ballads. Though it may have been produced by her ex Jack White, Karen composed the whole thing by herself in secret. And boy, this woman is talented!

In Double Roses, Karen shows more of her real self. Folk music lovers, this album is for you! From Wonder Blind’s first notes, you will fall in love instantly with this album. Karen’s delicate voice and romantic songwriting combine perfectly to create an enchanted atmosphere, both luminous and soothing. Harps and guitars beautifully mingle and you’ll find yourself daydreaming in no time.

This unique creature sure deserves cake! 

Rose macaron making
Rose jelly is so yummy…

Baking a Double Roses Treat for Karen Elson 

We’ve been thinking about baking for Miss Karen Elson for ages and we’re glad we finally took the time to do it. This ravishing creature needed a fabulous dessert, a Haute Couture dessert!  So we spinned Double Roses to seek some inspiration from the radiant Miss Elson.

Of course, with a title like that, our key ingredient wasn’t hard to find. The rose is a magnificent flower, and it gives cakes a very subtle yet intense flavor, especially macarons. 

Rose macaron close up
Why have double roses when you can have triple roses?

We have to confess, that we are rose macarons addicts. In France, two great pastry shops face each other to win the best rose macaron award: LaDurée and Pierre Hermé. We made our choice years ago: for us, Hermé’s macarons are the best. When in Paris, make sure to try them. That’s an order.

For our Double Roses treat, we wanted to go where no macaron baker had gone before. To add more crispiness to this dessert, we chose to combine meringue and macarons, with a touch of white chocolate. So, we created these very special hybrids, half macaron half meringue, that we named… Macaringue. Or Meringueron? 

We warn you: no one can resist this delicate homemade rose jelly wrapped in some sweet white chocolate ganache… No one!

Karen Elson inspired roses macarons

Karen Elson inspired roses macarons

Karen Elson inspired roses macarons

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