This week we gave democracy a chance by asking you to vote for the artist who deserved a Sound Eaters Halloween cake. Little did we know we were launching an epic bloodbath. The Yummy Awards were born!

The life of a Sound Eating creature can be lonely. We needed a change and decided to give you (yes, YOU!) the opportunity to choose the next artist will be turning into a cake. Votes were organized on Instagram, artists were praised… Here’s the story of our first Yummy Awards event.

What’s a Yummy Award, anyway?

The Yummy Award? Well, that’s our shindig, where all you audiophiles out there spill the beans on your ultimate musical crush. We’ll take that adoration and whip up a delectable cake in their honor (or theirs, if it’s a band). We stage epic celebrity showdowns, pit your music idols against each other, and let you unleash your inner fan. After a thrilling week, it’s time for the big reveal, and we’re off to the kitchen, ready to rock (and bake)!

As usual we had this idea and thought no one would care. As usual, we were surprised by your enthusiasm: THANK YOU! 

Turning Gorillaz into a bewitching cake

When we asked all our IG followers to tell us which artist deserved a cake for Halloween, we got so many answers : Kate Bush, Nick Cave, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Misfits, Cannibal Corpse, …. and the scariest of them all: Meghan Trainor!

After a fierce battle, the votes were in and Gorillaz won!

To celebrate 2-D, Murdoc, Noodles and Russel in style, we had the idea of building a spooky – and tasty – Mont Rushmore topsy turvy cake. It was so satisfying to defy gravity! We also chose the perfect flavor for the season : Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yes, this exquisite and moist pumpkin cake combines cinnamon, ginger and vanilla with a delicious coffee buttercream! Simply bewitching!

You wanted us witches to turn the band Gorillaz into a scrumptious Halloween cake… ABRACADABRA! Wish granted! Hope this cake we’ll make you feel as good as we do. 😏 Who wants a bite?

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