All hail the DIY Queen! Amanda Fucking Palmer is the UFO of alternative music.

Colorful, unapologetic, brilliant, this girl never ceases to amaze. This is an artist who likes to push every boundary and explore all topics… Like when she took a stand against…. ahem… “bush trimming”:

That’s what we love about Amanda Palmer : Plain. Utter. Unapologetic. Frankness. 

This amazing gal started her career as a performer, when she spent some time posing as “The Eight Foot Bride” all around the world. A few months later, she met the talented drummer Brian Viglione and started the punk cabaret Duo, The Dresden Dolls. Then she moved on on a solo career. And each album has been a true inspiration, from the fantastic “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” to the exquisite “There will be no intermission”. 

We’ve been listening to this album a lot, lately. This beauty was crowdfunded by almost 12,000 Patreon fans and Amanda makes sure she gives back to her community. 

This is a quiet, sincere, piano-driven LP, full of compassionate lyrics. Amanda exposes herself fully, from her difficult teenage years to her struggles as a new mom. She talks about politics, about online hypocrisy, about grief, with genuine empathy. The whole album seems to be a diary, a intimate correspondence with her most beloved friend. It’s chaotic, yet peaceful, tormented yet resilient. Also, the album is really long – 78 minutes! – but you never, ever, get bored. 

You’ll find no pop music here. No punk. No rock. This album doesn’t sound like anything Amanda Palmer wrote before. It’s almost like hearing a confession whispered in a dark room. Amanda Palmer undresses her very soul in front of you. Yup, the album cover shows perfectly what you’re here for.So here’s a peach pie for this unique soul. We dedicate this tea time to Miss Amanda Fucking Palmer. May she blow our minds for many more years!

As we were discovering this magnificent work, between music and theatre, we were extremely moved to hear Amanda was going through a particularly rough patch in her life. Is there a better remedy to cheer someone’s up than pie? We naturally rolled up our sleeves to bake this fruity peachy creamy comfort treat.

Thank you Miss Palmer !

PS: Guys, we’re just head over feet : Amanda Palmer just shared this tea time on her ig account with the most touching message :

We’re so glad this pie made you smile, Amanda ! Thank you for being such a powerful inspiration !

Amanda Palmer inspired No Intermission Peach Pie with vinyl
Amanda Palmer-inspired peach pie

Amanda Palmer artwork and peach pie slice
Woohoo pie is served!

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