The moment we learned new wave legends The Cure were coming to town, we started polishing our Doc Martens, prepared our favorite perfecto, and painted our eyes the darkest shade of back, ready to embark on the show of a lifetime.

Monday night was the day, the first time we saw @thecure on stage. This was a very special and emotional one for us. We might not dress goth but we’ve always felt at the margin and seeing Robert Smith in flesh and blood was like finally approaching this weird mysterious relative you never saw but whose stories accompanied you your whole life.

The Twilight Sad, a dream opener

The Scottish band The Twilight Sad was offered the immense privilege of opening the show. We can barely imagine the pressure of the exercise but they rose to the challenge with flying colours. The first time we saw them perform was a few years back in London for a very intimate acoustic performance during the release of their album “It Won’t Be Like This All The Time”. Needless to say, we were both thrilled and curious to watch them again in very different conditions. James Graham’s impressive vocals were as heart-wrenching as ever and the band delivered an intense and poignant set.

A 3-hour masterclass

The Cure didn’t tour for a long time and these new dates were the perfect occasion for the band to test their new songs in front of a live audience. The moment Robert Smith entered the stage, time stopped. It was such a moving experience to see this legend appear in front of everyone’s eyes!

They Cure delivered a fiery performance. Robert Smith was so happy to be here it took him no time to warm up the usually cold bordelaise audience. We felt so grateful to the Gods of Rock Music for this experience!

The Cure on stage

Though the set was a bit long (almost 3 hours!), we savoured each song, the languishing ones and the raging ones altogether, and were surprised by Robert’s voice who hasn’t aged a day. The band also played a colossal number of bangers as the perfect coup de grace. New songs from the upcoming album were included and, we tell you, this opus is gonna be intense!

Did you got the chance to see The Cure on stage ? Share your memories in the comments!

The setlist :


Pictures of You


A Night Like This


And Nothing Is Forever

The Last Day Of Summer

A Fragile Thing




Play For Today

A Forest


From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea


Encore :

I Can Never Say Goodbye

Prayers For Rain


Encore 2 :


The Walk

Let’s Go To Bed

Friday I’m In Love

Close To Me

In Between days

Just Like Heaven

Boys Don’t Cry

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