You know how listening to music is all about phases? Well, lately, we’ve been all about Queen, because… well, let’s face it, we’re so easily led!  Carnaby Street glimmering lights, Rami Malek’s fantastic incarnation in Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen LPs reissues appearing everywhere… That’s just too much for a Sound Eater’s heart. 

Today we present you our brand new cake creation, made for Rock Royalty.

Baking a Cake for Queen

Galette des rois with crown design and raspberries
Baking Queen’s iconic logo has been such fun!

In France, to give the new year a good start, tradition demands a King Cake at Epiphany, the famous “Galette des Rois”.  Last year, we paid our respects to The Rolling Stones. For 2019, we had to find a band at least as legendary. Who better than Queen could achieve such standards?  

Queen holds a huge place for every girl and boy of our generation.
We do recall being very young and seeing Freddie in a leather skirt saying “I want to break free” and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. We’re not surprised, that thirty years later, this band still means the world to everyone. The grandiose choruses, the sublime guitar riffs, Freddie’s one-of-a-kind voice and charisma shaped their unique sound. Their songs can simply not be forgotten. This cake is all about keeping Queen’s memory alive.

Galette des rois topped with puff pastry crown design almonds and raspberries next to Freddie Mercury Tshirt
Queen of cakes

We knew how we wanted to twist the traditional old-fashioned galette, but something was missing… Bumping into a Freddie Mercury “I think I’m a banana tree” shirt was definitely a sign!
So here’s our special Queen-inspired cake: crunchy puff pastry filled with cardamom, rose and almond cream, raspberry jelly, and caramelized bananas. In a word: HEAVEN! We dare you to take only one slice of this baby.

Freddie, Brian, Roger, and John, this one’s for you! Thanks for making us want :
A) to break free
B ) it all
C) to make supersonic girls out of us!

Galette des rois slice puff pastry generous frangipane cream and raspberry cream next to Queen A Night At The Opera vinyl record

Happy New Year to all and God save Queen!

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