Tomorrow is gonna be a great day. Why? Because we’re going to see Royal Blood at the Bikini, Toulouse! 🤩 Their album, Typhoons, was released during the pandemic. It was a total life-saver. Here’s why.

Typhoons is Royal Blood’s third album. Acclaimed by the critics, it’s everything we alternative music fans like: fiery bass, killer drums, stormy lyrics and… glitterballs. 

Who are Royal Blood?

Royal Blood is a British rock duo consisting of vocalist and bassist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher. Formed in Brighton, England, in 2011, they’re known for their energetic sound, mixing garage rock with blues influences.

Throughout the years, the band managed to capture the rock fans attention. First in 2014, with his self-titled debut album, who won several awards, then with its second opus, “How Did We Get So Dark”, that’s been released three years later.

In 2021, Royal Blood launched “Typhoons”, an infectious LP that’s definitely worth listening to.

Why you should discover Typhoons by Royal Blood

When hearing Royal Blood for the first time, it’s really hard to believe these guys are only two. Just like The Kills, these two musicians manage to have a really rich sound using different techniques. Typhoons is a real change of direction for the band, as it’s really dance-inspired. With catchy tunes like Trouble’s coming, Oblivion, Limbo and Typhoons, it’s impossible not to be blown away by this LP.

As you can imagine, the critics were really favorable. Here are some of the reviews :

  • “Typhoons’ shows what can really be achieved if you break your own walls down and let a little light in” (NME)
  • “An unshakably danceable album and a real sense of positivity and possibility for the band’s future” (Under The Radar).
  • “It’s rock’n’roll lit up by a disco ball.” (Kerrang).
  • “A master class in dancing away the heartache. ” (Classic Rock).

For us, this album is proof rock music is not dead. They’re still great bands to discover out there. Now tell us: did this album sweep you out your feet too? What are your favorite tunes?

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