We are facing a time of protest but also a time of awareness. Like all of you, we felt overwhelmed by the news and people’s reactions. Thanks to the resources shared, and the debate over music, we learned so much this week, regardless of our own experiences and origins.

Black girl looking at a violin
Black girl looking at a violin © Nappy / Pexels

We’ve been thinking a lot. As many of you, we didn’t know what to post “next”. We’re indie kids at heart. Watching our vinyl collection, we realized the extent of the issue, and its blatant lack of diversity: we love rock music, we love alternative music, we love punk music. These genres wouldn’t exist without geniuses like Robert Johnson, Etta James, Chuck Berry or Little Richard. It’s in their very DNA. We need to celebrate this legacy now more than ever! These legends must not be forgotten, and their heirs have the right to be heard as much as anyone else.

Now more than ever, we feel sharing is key. Talking is key. Questioning our habits is crucial. The more we all talk and share, the more we educate ourselves and the rest of the world. So let’s not be colorblind about this.

Music is nothing but colors.

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