It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for: The Hives finally made an album. The new single, Bogus Operandi, is already out and trending.

After a long wait and a few isolated singles, The Hives fans out there will finally get a new album. The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons will be released soon in August. Personally, we just can’t wait.

A week to remember for all the Hives fans

My, my, my this is such a great week! First, The Hives drop a new single, Bogus Operandi, a flamboyant garage rock tune so infectious you’ll play it on repeat for days.

Then, the band dropped a kick ass Evil Dead inspired video. Cherry on the cake, they just announced a new album, The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons, who’ll be out on August 11th. The fans might recognize some of the titles: “Stick Up”, a banger frequently played during festivals, made the cut to the record (and we’re so happy it did!).

Finally, we all got blessed with four new warm-up tour dates. Is it Xmas already? Because it certainly feels like it.

While we wait for all this goodness to rain on us, we took the time to listen to all our Monochrome vinyl in the same day (yeah, even the Black&White Album that we’ve been trying to find for ages now).

What’s your favorite tune from the champagne of bands? We have a thing for Stick Up, Try it again, B for Brutus, A.K.A Idiot, and sooo many more. Can’t wait to read your answers in the comments! 

PS: Want sugar? Check out the awesome cake we baked for this band.

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