*Hysteria mode ON* It is happening, guys! It is finally happening! The Hives are back to save us all from dull Pop Music! *Hysteria mode… still ON*

The Hives just released not just one but two songs, and we tell you all about them.

Waiting for a new The Hives album

Do you know that anxiety when one of your favorite bands lays low for years? Of course, you do. You also do know what inevitably happens: you get way too much time to think about dreadful scenarios. And boy, our minds were busy. 

Here are some of the most plausible hypotheses we considered :
1. The Almqvist brothers deciding to team up to start a new brilliant, though ephemeral, career in yodel.
2. Vigilante dying his beard blue and getting into hardcore electro.
3. The hiring of a hype stylist collective convincing them to trade their signature monochrome-ness for a palette of nudes and pastels.
Luckily, none of this happened and this year, all of us lucky bastards got to lay our feverish hands on not only 1 but 2 brand-new banging singles.

Getting new songs from our favorite band

With “I’m Alive”, our personal favorite, the Swedes boldly go where too few punk bands have gone before Blues. And it suits them terrifically well. Still, they manage to keep everything we love about The Hives: heavy drumming, compelling riffs, visceral screaming, and… Bells  How could we possibly resist some bells?

The Hives Im Alive splattered black and white vinyl with cup of coffee and Marshall amp

“Good Samaritan” is more classic Hives with their trademark irresistible punk energy. The intoxicating riff and magnetic rhythm versatility will make you play it on repeat and sing/scream along to the refreshingly cynical and honest lyrics.

Last but not least, as people of impeccable taste, they chose to release these two bangers with our beloved Third Man Records. Could it possibly get any cooler? Well, the Nashville website hints at a possible album for later this year…

Welcome back The Hives! 

The Hives Im Alive splattered black and white vinyl by Third Man Records

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