Truth bomb: “AM” by the Arctic Monkeys is turning 10 and none of us are young anymore! To digest this tragic news, we baked something sweet.

Getting into the AM mood

Why is AM so special?

Inspired by the nightlife, this sexy mothafucka mixes rock with hip-hop influences, sonic riffs with poetic lyrics, and seductive vocals with sharp guitars. 

Most fans will tell you it’s probably the band’s best work… And yes, in 2013, the Arctic Monkeys were sitting on top of the world! Tracks like Do I Wanna Know, Arabella, R U Mine or Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? are now indie rock classics. Oozing talent and charisma, “AM” is a must-have for all indie rock fans out there and it deserves some epic applause!

Why’d you only call me when you’re hungry?

AM, Artic Monkeys stellar fifth album and iconic artwork by Matthew Cooper are an immense inspiration to us. For this special occasion, we baked these delicious treats made of exquisite vanilla cream and crunchy oreo macarons. In a word: yuuuuuum…

Arctic Monkeys-inspired AM macarons

Also, we got carried away and shot an overly arty and esthetic video while baking our new creations. Deal with it. Happy anniversary AM! 

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