Last night, Miles Kane saved our lives! Just kidding, but it was a close call. We went to see the One Man Band at the iconic Parisian venue La Cigale, and it was a night to remember.

The British sensation Miles Kane was in town to promote his latest album, “One Man Band”. As usual, he and his fellow musicians set the stage on fire! Here’s our review.

Who is Miles Kane?

Imagine a musical beast with rock swagger and a thing for crooning. That’s Miles Kane. This British musician and songwriter was part of many great bands: The Last Shadow Puppets (alongside his bestie Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys) and The Rascals.

Miles Kane’s latest single, “The Wonder”

This brilliant guy also has a flourishing solo career. His first record, “Colour of the Trap”, a retro-inspired indie rock journey, was greatly appreciated.

His second one, “Don’t Forget Who You Are”, channeled raw rock ‘n’ roll spirit into infectious melodies and urged the audience to embrace their true selves.

We got the chance to see Miles on stage for his third solo tour, accompanying the release of the fantastic “Coup de Grace”, an underrated piece that is, to our eyes, a modern rock belter.

You get the picture: Miles Kane embodies the essence of cool in every riff and lyric he delivers.

How was the Opening Act?

The night kicked off with a young British band known as The Royston Club. Just moments before they hit the stage, a fellow music lover tipped us off, swearing by their talent. And boy, was she right!

The impeccable The Royston Club

The Royston Club are naturals. Effortlessly cool, they were drawing influences from The Libertines, The Smiths, and many more. What sets them apart? It’s definitely the melodies, the frontman’s phrasing reminiscent of Alex Turner, and the lyrics that hit you right in the feels. Also, they can rely on a very solid drummer.

In mere minutes, these rookies got the entire crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. And get this, as the final chords rang out, the whole band was tossing picks and setlists to the audience—something you rarely see from an opening act.

How was Miles Kane’s gig?

The lights dimmed in La Cigale as the band took the stage, opening with the iconic theme from “La Panthère Rose,” greeted by an enthusiastic audience. They kicked off with the electrifying “One Man Band,” followed by a series of hits: “The Wonder,” “Give Up,” “Heal,” and “Cry on My Guitar,” igniting a frenzy of dancing.

Miles was his usual charismatic self, dazzling the crowd with epic guitar solos while bassist Nathan Sudders provided solid support, occasionally jamming with Liam, the new drummer. Despite the challenge of following in the footsteps of Victoria Smith, the previous drummer who joined Abba’s tour, Liam effortlessly stepped up to the task. Each band member radiated joy and enthusiasm, their infectious energy palpable throughout the venue.

After the high-energy set, the band took a brief interlude to showcase poignant ballads like “Colour of the Trap” and “Rearrange,” much to the delight of Audrey.

As the concert drew to a close, the audience, comprised mostly of loyal fans, clamored for an encore, chanting “Don’t Forget Who You Are.” True to form, the band returned to the stage and delivered a captivating performance of the beloved song, leaving Miles visibly moved and grateful.

You know us, we love gigs that leave us sweaty and happy. And this one was one for the books! If you got the chance, go see this amazing band live.

Don’t Forget Who You Are, one of the best singalongs of British indie sleaze

The Setlist

Troubled son
Better than that
The wonder
The best is yet to come
Give up
One man band
First of my kind
Colour of the Trap
Cry on my guitar
Coup de grace
Never taking me alive
Come closer

Don’t forget who you are

Miles Kane, La Cigale, February 19th, 2024

Did you see Miles Kane perform? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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