Been spinning Anna Calvi’s “Hunter” all day, gasping at the sublime melodies, the passionate voices, and the lyrics. It made us realize we needed more Anna Calvi in our lives.

More gigs! More albums! And, of course, a cake. But first, let’s talk about this mesmerizing new album.

Who’s Anna Calvi?

Anna Calvi is a small woman with an immense voice! This amazing English musician has Italian roots. This heritage may have given her this out-of-this-world passionate tone that blows our minds every time we listen to her. 

Why should you listen to Hunter?

Wild and intimate, this elegant LP alternates between claws and caresses with punch tracks like “Alpha”, “As a Man” or “Hunter”. Anna’s talent for drama is on top. You’ll find impeccable arpeggios there, and, of course, sizzling guitar solos. Anna’s voice is warm, deep, and dangerous.

In the lyrics, she beautifully explores her own sexuality and the complexity of genders. Her style is subtle, aloof yet there’s something very animal about this album. If she knows how to be sharp, Anna Calvi also knows when to cool down with the hypnotic “Swimming pool”, that we absolutely adore.

Anna Calvi Hunter red vinyl record with candy apple and red rose
Fabulous artwork for Anna Calvi’s last album

The album’s mixing is drop-dead gorgeous, and every song has a very particular atmosphere, beautiful yet almost suffocating. We immediately dived in it, like poor Greek men captured by some cruel mermaid. From the very first note to the last, “Hunter” is a powerful piece of art that we urge you to discover.

Now, that, my friends, deserves cake!

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