Hey there, rock-addicted mess! Wanna discover something new? Here’s some really good stuff: a rad debut album, created by the band Bodega.

Who is Bodega?

Bodega is an art-punk band, straight from Williamsburg, New York. They are the new voice of the Brooklyn millennials: passionate, ironic, and fierce. Don’t judge the vinyl by its minimalistic cover photo,  Nikki Belfiglio, Heather Elle, Montana Simone, Ben Hozie, and Madison Velding-VanDam have definitely things to say.

Starting with masturbation. Yup, you heard us right: Gyrate, our crush song is all about female pleasure, and it was about time someone talked about it, right?

Why should you listen to Endless Scroll?

When listening to ‘Endless Scroll’, you have to really pay attention to the lyrics. They depict our society with great accuracy and superb punchlines. We recommend the first song ‘How did this happen’ and the very catchy ‘Everyone is equally a master and a slave’. ‘Name Escape’ keeps joking about hipsterdom and how all those bearded phonies ended up looking alike.

Moreover, Margot ends up with these tragic robotic words ‘I touch myself while looking at your chat text box’. We fell in love with Bodega’s frank tone, particularly in songs like ‘Bodega Birth’: ‘I use my computer for everything/Heaven knows I’m miserable now’. Disconnection, technology dependence, and anti-capitalism, Bodega talk about these subjects with equal cleverness and it deserves applause.

Bodega Endless Scroll blue teal vinyl record
Endless Scroll, a beautiful teal vinyl

Now for the instrumental part: this album is really fun to play and will make you dance in no time. The songs may be a little short, but they’re filled with some of the catchiest bass lines you’ll hear this year. You simply cannot resist Bodega’s energy.

What can we say, this first album is a keeper! And if you wanna feel more love, attend one of their fantastic gigs!

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