Are you craving for screeching guitars and unapologetic rock’n’roll? Do you miss Turbonegro‘s golden age and the stamina of Hank Von Hell? Or, do you need your daily dose of sex, fun, and irreverence? 

So you spin Scandinavian Leather or Party Animal every day. We’ve got some good news for you: Hank von Hell, the charismatic Prince of DeathPunk, is issuing a new solo album in June! 

From Turbonegro to Turbo solo

That’s right, guys, Hank von Hell will be back with the LP Dead. And if you’ve listened to its last single, the very Alice-Cooperesque Disco, you know you will be in for quite a treat :

So, until we can all get our dirty sanitized hands on this new record, it’s high time to celebrate and listen to his solo debut, if you haven’t already. 

But first, let’s catch up on Turbonegro’s history. 

In the summer of 2010, after years of fighting with mental issues and heroin addiction, Hank Von Hell broke everyone’s heart by announcing his departure from the outstanding Turbonegro, the Norwegian punk rock phenomenon. 

Among the Turbojugend, the band’s most hardcore fans, the panic was almost tangible. Would the band be able to survive this? Turns out it did. However, something would never be the same again. After all, for most people, Hank embodied the very spirit of Turbonegro. Never mind, the band recruited the excellent Tony Sylvester and carried on. 

hank von hell egomania vinyl
Absolutely in love with Egomania’s artwork

What about Hank ? For nearly a decade, Mr von Hell kept himself pretty busy :

  • touring with his new band Doctor Midnight & the Mercy cult in 2011, 
  • acting in some movies, 
  • and being a judge on Norwegian Idol, 

But then, in 2018, Hank decided it was time to sing again Hence, the singer came back to his one true love: ROCK. He released his first solo album, Egomania. And everyone was so glad he did because this was exactly what the world needed. 

Hank von Hell is reborn

What’s in this long-awaited ego trip? Well, first of all, Hank doesn’t mind flirting with glam rock, punk, and metal all at once, like the naughty guy he is.  He wrote the new songs with Cat Casino from Deathstars. They combined everything a rock album needs :

  • unapologetic lyrics, 
  • bold riffs, 
  • energetic melodies that could wake up the dead.

The album is quite versatile. It explores lots of different styles without losing its unity and uniqueness. We had huge crushes on Blood, Pretty Decent Exposure, or Bum to Bum. And of course, the delicious Adios reminds us this album is not so much a debut than a rebirth. This record may sound fresh, but there’s plenty of darkness there. 

We’re not gonna lie: this album is a pure rock n’roll gem and we cannot urge you enough to listen to it! Now we cannot wait for his new record to come out. 

Rock on, Hank!

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