Pete Doherty is back with a new album! Though he’s always doing great by himself, he sure knows to surround himself with quality friends. 

The Fantasy Life of Mr Doherty

On March 2022, Pete Doherty released a new album with French musician and producer Frederic Lô. The Fantasy Life of Poetry and Crime is an heartful opus, recorded in Doherty’s home in France. It contains some of the most inspired songs of Pete’s repertoire. The chemistry between the two pals is blatant : while Mr Lô, who plays bass, guitar, and keys, takes care of the music, Mr Doherty focuses on what he does best : delivering superb poetry (and singing off key, but for some reason… it works!). A beautiful work, full of mellow indie-pop,perfect for chilling on a rainy afternoon.

A new album… and a tour!

Pete Doherty and Frederic Lô came this week in our hometown to share their new songs with the world . Both delivered a superb and peaceful set under the moonlight. It was Pete’s Birthday, and of course French people didn’t forget to wish him the best for the years to come. It was such a pleasure to see the man freed from his demons!

Of course, we got plenty of shots to help you (re)live this graceful moment. Enjoy!

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