You know how listening to music is all about phases? Well, lately, we’ve been all about Queen, because… well, let’s face it, we’re so easily led!

Carnaby Street glimmering lights, Rami Malek’s fantastic incarnation in Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen’s “A Night at the Opera” reissues appearing everywhere… That’s just too much for a Gourgandine’s heart. Guess how we felt when we bumped into this Freddie “Slightly Mad” T-shirt in the men’s department of Bizzbee. Let’s face it the coolest music shirts are much too often men’s shirts. So annoying, don’t you think? Here’s our new favorite T-shirt alongside one of Queen’s best LPs: “A Night at the Opera”. Perfect occasion to talk about this jewel a little.

Everyone wants a night at the Opera 

A Night at the Opera is in our personal Queen top 3, with “It’s a Kind of Magic” and “Innuendo”. 

Queen recorded that fourth gemma in the glorious summer of 1975. The album was reportedly the most expensive LP of that time! Meanwhile, due to their last tour that left them in huge debt, Freddie Mercury and his bandmates earned only 60 pounds a week.

Nevermind, their creativity was at its best and while Roger, Brian, and John were recording patiently, Freddie was working on something far too complicated to be explained, a supposed “thing”, as the band called it. That thing was “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The band insisted on making this uncanny track their first single, despite their producer’s warnings. The rest is history. 

Girl holding Queen A Night At The Opera vinyl next to Freddie Mercury Tshirt
Girl holding Queen A Night At The Opera vinyl next to Freddie Mercury Tshirt

It would be a mistake to let this song overshadow the rest of the album. This baroque masterpiece, filled with grandiose choruses and sublime guitar riffs, confirmed the extent of their talent and unique sound.

Although it is mostly known for the instant classic “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the LP also includes the touching “Love of my life”, the delicate “You’re my best friend” and the confusingly awesome “I’m in Love with My Car”. A must-have.

Now tell us, what’s YOUR favorite Queen LP?

PS: Want some sugar? Check out the amazing “I Want It All” Cake we made the other day!

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