Gather around friends, we have a tale to tell. Last day, we met Royal Republic and brought them cupcakes. Yes, you read well.

Sometimes, miracles happen and we were here to witness how. Here’s the story of how the Sound Eaters met the fabulous swedish band, Royal Republic.

How we brought cake to Royal Republic

Once upon a time, there were two girls called Sound Eaters.

These poor creatures worked for hours, every single day, to create new cake designs to praise their ungrateful god, Indie Rocking. One day, a drunken fairy godmother decided they’d worked hard enough and granted the girls two golden tickets for Royal Republic next show, at Le Bikini, Toulouse.

At the end of the gig (which was awesome but you already know that), while they were still recovering from jumping two hours in a row, something even more awesome happened: Adam Grahn, singer of the band, came to see them and said six words that changed forever the face of the world.

Cool kids

Like ever.

“Hey, aren’t you working in bakery ?”.


Cupcake stopped with buttercream and sugar paste decorations
The best Royal Republic cupcakes in the world. You’re welcome.

Totally overwhelmed, Sound Eaters, confirmed and offered to bake a cake to celebrate Royal Republic 10th anniversary and to bring it the next day, in Cognac. The lead singer kindly accepted and the girls went to their car, still in shock. And realized it was nearly 2 am in the morning and they had only a few hours left to create and bake something great enough for Swedish Rock Royalty.

The day was epic. The girls barely slept. They overcame a thousand perils! (Well, at least three: 12 nasty muffin liners which were way too small, 1kg of evil organic flour that totally changed the batter taste, and a scarily undryable sugar paste). They managed to create two different kinds of cupcakes and brought them to the band, who really liked them!
Hurray for Sound Eaters!
Hurray for Royal Republic!
Thank you Drunken Fairy Godmother!

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