At least one good news in 2020! America – and all of us really- won’t have to bear four more years of Trump’s nonsensical bullsh*t. 

Halleloo! We were so thrilled we rushed to our vinyl collection and blasted The Offspring’s Americana, one of our all-time favorite albums. 

Americana, a punk rock must-have

America, the land of opportunities and nightmares, always on a tight rope between hope and despair, Hollywood and the white trash neighborhoods depicted in this milestone of a record. 

This fantastic & riotous punk rock album blew our teenage minds in ’98, and reinforced our fascination, making us dream of going to the USA, no matter what. 

Who didn’t yell “uh huh, uh huh” when hearing “Pretty Fly for a white guy”? And, who didn’t feel compelled to mime all the instruments on “Why don’t you get a job?”? Who didn’t dream to jump in his car and drive towards the sunset with “Staring at the sun”? Don’t you lie to us, we know you did all three.

Let’s bake a birthday cake !

And guys, here’s some more good news : The Offspring’s Americana turned 22 today!🎉 A perfect occasion to bake some killer birthday cake.

Offspring Americana layer cake with vinyl cut open
The Offspring-inspired Americana layer cake

So, we rolled up our sleeves and had fun with not only one, but two American classics: the outrageous brownie and the scrumptious white cake. Imagine three layers of fudgy chocolatey goodness covered with way too much swiss meringue buttercream! Indeed, this must be illegal somewhere…

Offspring Americana layer cake with vinyl

And, you know us crazy heads, we had to add some goofy touch somewhere. Did you notice the creepy crawlers covering the album artwork? That’s right. We went all the way with homemade jelly candy and add some wormy surprise inside this beauty. We even added some marzipan coackroaches. Needless to say, they were both hideous and delicious. 

Anyway, we don’t know about you, but all the girlies say it’s pretty fly for a white cake! 

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